Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Industry Mutation :: Media, Telecom, IT and Many others

Micro-blog changing the reading habit. Difficult to read more than 500-700 words in a go?
I believe soon Telecom Industry will go through whirlpool of change? The way we look at the traditional telecom industry may not exist in near future.

Technology evolving in mobile direction for everything. Relevance of Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop is already blurring.. Oho! I must not forget the TV. Largest screen at home.. Now we are talking about different smart screens used for different purpose at different time.

Are we going to see such fusion in Telecom industry per say. Are we heading to the future where if permitted, media mogul buying an teleocm company Or Telecom giant gulping an IT company?
Advertising agency / Media aggregators taking strategic stake in Telecom companies.
Shall we see Banks/ e-retailers/ OS developers taking pole position for all of the above fusions in different hues or shapes.. If not exact this way but long term strategic alliances / standard operating procedures will be defined sooner or latter..

If not this, do not see how future mobile technological advances/ 5G or any G could get capex investment from... Selling a pipe alone will certainly unable to support this regular technology upgrades on regular frequency.

It has to get shared among the beneficiaries and for this certain industry fusion (mutation) is going to happen. I will be betting it will happen for good. Time will tell how good and when in near future?

Do drop your comments/view on this thoughts.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Shorter becomes Shorter :: Product Planning

It will be micro-blog may be fitting to 3-4 twits. But I think it is very important to remind ourselves, in all rush to live by quarterly revenue and driven by quarterly profits. We end up in becoming programmed product managers with strong bias for "This works" and "this does not work". This is one dimension and second dimension is "What is to be done to dose the fire" and fire keep on rising here and there.. now and then..

So in short these 2 dimensions of conditioned mind :: Prejudice of what works and Pressure of tomorrow merge into black hole of Time & Space.

Time to progress and Space to think orbit shifting things. This whole concept ends up into forgetting basic principle of accounting for the company "Going Concern".

It is not only Quarter always and not even a year only. In today's fast changing world and technological advances. Need of the hour is not ends up into fire fighting but ensure good enough alarms in place for potential fire erupting and solutions to dose it in time.

Saying easy but doing not practical?

I beg to differ, more and more we engage in fire fighting more and more we lose big picture at product level and may most obvious thing at company level. And our time further starts shrinking. We ends up feeling lesser days in the month, lesser hours in a day and minutes shrinking in hours and seconds running faster than they use to...

How about time and energy spent 70%-20%-10% at least to start with for Short-Mid-Long??? (I believe even FOS, Jr. team do also require S-M-L... Not only Top management...) And ready to hear your comments as usual.

Monday, May 26, 2014

quick view on my digital strategy

Hey, I am suppose to blog on power of 3 but it is going to take some more time. Mean while I thought of putting across things bothering me from couples of weeks as marketing person.

Are we doing too much of digital marketing? Are we facing a challenge of riding on tiger where can not ride also and can not jump off too? what should be my mix?

I am just listing down what is the inventory I must look when I want to make my brand looks great in digital space. Lets see how I put it.

7 points to consider::
1) screen size customer prefer to communicate (mobile, min-tabs tablets, computers, smart TV, etc etc)
2) what category your business falls in B2C, B2B, B2B2C
3) how much strong your product is? Brand affinity and category its place?
4) Is your process institutionalized? documented properly with plan B? critical in time of virulent marketing
(some times things can go wrong, you see!)
5) Are process driven, fully checked for most of the exception handling?
6) Ultimately in which category you want to take your brand (from revenue and profit perspective)
:: price leader, thought leader, aspirational, value for money
7) last but least, how and who is your customers? internal, external, age, demographics, their purpose to own your product

And what you have at your hand to chose from mix and match completely allowed :-)
1) Face book, Google+
2) Google hang out, WhatsApp, twitter
3) Linked in, relevant online forums,
4) email, chat app, skype, IVR, short codes, OBDs, USSD and other direct telco assisted
5) micro portals, Apps, WAP, Kiosks or any other interactive screens- digital display boards
6) Ad-sense, banners, ad-word, Quora, Wiki, blogs, SEO etc..

Strategy is too much task to decide. and adding to that its dynamic.
Then you get all the help in the world to execute it

Monday, March 24, 2014

Power of 3 :: Microsoft, Google and Apple

One more giant fell in quest of shaping future of digitized, connected and mobile world. Nokia respectfully succumb to the vortex of power struggle for operating system dominance.

Interesting 3 players are left to lead the future. And this F1 race is entering into the last lap. Who had taken pole positions and having advantage? Who will win? Will there any other player emerging from the dark? What are the side effects? What is the future going to look like?

So there is Apple, Google and there is Microsoft. At least so far Late Steve Jobs business model-product vision wise won the 1st pole position.  All including Google and Microsoft has followed the steps of the Apple. They realized compelling software/OS; need even more supportive hardware. Sound mind needs sound body and sound body needs sound mind to control it. So does Android needs a nexus or Motorola and windows need Nokia.

But then what happened to the other original mobile companies- Black berry and Nokia’s own Symbian? First and foremost reason:: non-creation of sustainable ecosystem. And caught unaware! Cheese has been moved.. They forgot to think it is not just a phone this OS is running but a moving computing device, an ap store, an ultimate connecting device & digital identity which also used for voice calling.

My next couples of blogs will be dedicated to probe product philosophical traits of Android, Windows and iOS further. And therefore how possibly it will shape the future. Pros and Cons of their success.
(Hey this blog is reproduction here,  I had wrote it in featured section of one of the prominent site

This is to re-visit this topic once again in the light of Nokia launching its own android phone.. Very interesting time ahead!