Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Industry Mutation :: Media, Telecom, IT and Many others

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I believe soon Telecom Industry will go through whirlpool of change? The way we look at the traditional telecom industry may not exist in near future.

Technology evolving in mobile direction for everything. Relevance of Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop is already blurring.. Oho! I must not forget the TV. Largest screen at home.. Now we are talking about different smart screens used for different purpose at different time.

Are we going to see such fusion in Telecom industry per say. Are we heading to the future where if permitted, media mogul buying an teleocm company Or Telecom giant gulping an IT company?
Advertising agency / Media aggregators taking strategic stake in Telecom companies.
Shall we see Banks/ e-retailers/ OS developers taking pole position for all of the above fusions in different hues or shapes.. If not exact this way but long term strategic alliances / standard operating procedures will be defined sooner or latter..

If not this, do not see how future mobile technological advances/ 5G or any G could get capex investment from... Selling a pipe alone will certainly unable to support this regular technology upgrades on regular frequency.

It has to get shared among the beneficiaries and for this certain industry fusion (mutation) is going to happen. I will be betting it will happen for good. Time will tell how good and when in near future?

Do drop your comments/view on this thoughts.

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