Sunday, April 12, 2009

Survival of VAS eco-system

Current recessionary phase gives us a pause, to relax and re-visit VAS strategy? Will all VAS services continue to exist as paid model and continue to grow at same rate? Will 'going rural' motto of cellular company allows VAS to sustain similar % penetration ? Does trend suggest something more conducive required to increase acceptability of VAS services further..

I believe it is required.. future growth of VAS services will be embedded with Ad-revenue support model.. Google and Yahoo! of the world will make VAS as side load/free load/ subsidize.. Or there may be slot for new giant to emerge in the world of mobile search. It may be possible that on the mobile ads may not be rendered based on pure search.. As mobile being highly personal think, with the help of Telco, more relevant ads can be rendered based on the customer profile mapping.. Telcos owning the customer will become more and more profitable for the mobile operators..Welcome to the world of 'Permission Marketing'

Race has just begun...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Search based & content based advertising

Let me clarify in the end everything is content. but for all practical purpose let us segregate SEARCH from CONTENT. SEARCH is something-some action taken when exact location of content is not known to the user. (This statement can be extended to the physical world as well with some refinement). So we can presume in 75% to even 90% times CONTENT requirement is initiated through SEARCH result. Now question comes where to put your brand advertising?
1) On the SEARCH page itself (chances more eye-ball catch)
2) On the page along side content (searched result) (chances lesser eye-ball catch compare to putting with SEARCH result
what is your call on it?