Friday, July 25, 2014

Shorter becomes Shorter :: Product Planning

It will be micro-blog may be fitting to 3-4 twits. But I think it is very important to remind ourselves, in all rush to live by quarterly revenue and driven by quarterly profits. We end up in becoming programmed product managers with strong bias for "This works" and "this does not work". This is one dimension and second dimension is "What is to be done to dose the fire" and fire keep on rising here and there.. now and then..

So in short these 2 dimensions of conditioned mind :: Prejudice of what works and Pressure of tomorrow merge into black hole of Time & Space.

Time to progress and Space to think orbit shifting things. This whole concept ends up into forgetting basic principle of accounting for the company "Going Concern".

It is not only Quarter always and not even a year only. In today's fast changing world and technological advances. Need of the hour is not ends up into fire fighting but ensure good enough alarms in place for potential fire erupting and solutions to dose it in time.

Saying easy but doing not practical?

I beg to differ, more and more we engage in fire fighting more and more we lose big picture at product level and may most obvious thing at company level. And our time further starts shrinking. We ends up feeling lesser days in the month, lesser hours in a day and minutes shrinking in hours and seconds running faster than they use to...

How about time and energy spent 70%-20%-10% at least to start with for Short-Mid-Long??? (I believe even FOS, Jr. team do also require S-M-L... Not only Top management...) And ready to hear your comments as usual.

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