Monday, May 26, 2014

quick view on my digital strategy

Hey, I am suppose to blog on power of 3 but it is going to take some more time. Mean while I thought of putting across things bothering me from couples of weeks as marketing person.

Are we doing too much of digital marketing? Are we facing a challenge of riding on tiger where can not ride also and can not jump off too? what should be my mix?

I am just listing down what is the inventory I must look when I want to make my brand looks great in digital space. Lets see how I put it.

7 points to consider::
1) screen size customer prefer to communicate (mobile, min-tabs tablets, computers, smart TV, etc etc)
2) what category your business falls in B2C, B2B, B2B2C
3) how much strong your product is? Brand affinity and category its place?
4) Is your process institutionalized? documented properly with plan B? critical in time of virulent marketing
(some times things can go wrong, you see!)
5) Are process driven, fully checked for most of the exception handling?
6) Ultimately in which category you want to take your brand (from revenue and profit perspective)
:: price leader, thought leader, aspirational, value for money
7) last but least, how and who is your customers? internal, external, age, demographics, their purpose to own your product

And what you have at your hand to chose from mix and match completely allowed :-)
1) Face book, Google+
2) Google hang out, WhatsApp, twitter
3) Linked in, relevant online forums,
4) email, chat app, skype, IVR, short codes, OBDs, USSD and other direct telco assisted
5) micro portals, Apps, WAP, Kiosks or any other interactive screens- digital display boards
6) Ad-sense, banners, ad-word, Quora, Wiki, blogs, SEO etc..

Strategy is too much task to decide. and adding to that its dynamic.
Then you get all the help in the world to execute it

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