Monday, March 24, 2014

Power of 3 :: Microsoft, Google and Apple

One more giant fell in quest of shaping future of digitized, connected and mobile world. Nokia respectfully succumb to the vortex of power struggle for operating system dominance.

Interesting 3 players are left to lead the future. And this F1 race is entering into the last lap. Who had taken pole positions and having advantage? Who will win? Will there any other player emerging from the dark? What are the side effects? What is the future going to look like?

So there is Apple, Google and there is Microsoft. At least so far Late Steve Jobs business model-product vision wise won the 1st pole position.  All including Google and Microsoft has followed the steps of the Apple. They realized compelling software/OS; need even more supportive hardware. Sound mind needs sound body and sound body needs sound mind to control it. So does Android needs a nexus or Motorola and windows need Nokia.

But then what happened to the other original mobile companies- Black berry and Nokia’s own Symbian? First and foremost reason:: non-creation of sustainable ecosystem. And caught unaware! Cheese has been moved.. They forgot to think it is not just a phone this OS is running but a moving computing device, an ap store, an ultimate connecting device & digital identity which also used for voice calling.

My next couples of blogs will be dedicated to probe product philosophical traits of Android, Windows and iOS further. And therefore how possibly it will shape the future. Pros and Cons of their success.
(Hey this blog is reproduction here,  I had wrote it in featured section of one of the prominent site

This is to re-visit this topic once again in the light of Nokia launching its own android phone.. Very interesting time ahead!

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