Monday, October 10, 2011

Reliance Digital Retail Launches Privatelable Appliances before 4G Launch

Reliance Digital had launched private label RECONNECT for home appliances. This launch it appropriately placed just before its 4G launch by some other subsidiary of RIL. I feel connection. Note the point home appliances does not include refrigerators, washing machine like normal stuff at list in current phase-I. Interestingly other than digital entertainment all other products are very petty like iron, some mixi, torch, dryer etc (mostly <5,000 bucks). Big ticket items are sound systems, TV etc.. All about home digital entertainment. And to be branding name appears to be very suggestive and futuristic.
Why laptops, Tabs etc are kept out? Or is it deliberately kept out not to make things very obvious and will launched very very soon...

Oops! too much of speculation from my side. I really do not know but what I think I am penning it down.
If it happens to be a ounce true,  my admiration for the man with digital vision for India and his team will increase by 4G times :-) It will be some thing unique for the world. If it succeed and I strongly believe it will succeed. Lot many organization from different industries will need to go back to the drawing board and re-draw their Michael Porter's 5 Force Model once again becoz of this man from RIL ad his team in charge. These organization will be anywhere from retail, entertainment industry, content providers, digital & electronics appliances makers, social networking and search engine of the world as well...and Telecom Industry too. Did I mention the way advertising could happen may also get affected...
Power to control 3or4 screen of the life can bring the sea change and dethrone content from its Kingship. And Distribution can be King with content as its beautiful Queen. Content can be downloaded, side loaded, free/ partially paid or premium based on- from which screen you are using it or simply streamed on demand..

I believe 4G market is expanded much beyond living beings as customer even before launch.. (Wow1)..
A solution for town / public place security.. motion sensors..cams.. etc etc networked and transferring TBs of data.. (Wow2)
 and a small 4G chip in your digital entertainment appliances (Wow3).
There could be business case where you get digital appliances at dirt chip rate, you pay installment in terms of small charges over good long time for the content you surf/ view/download.. win-win for all (Wow4) Anyway, you do not need to make some one look like loosing for you to win..So its possible..
All these things are beyond regular 4G market of your enterprise business, cloud computing, laptops, tabs etc etc.. (Wow5)..

O God! Can not wait to see it becomes true.. Pls make it happen today? If not, its coming tomorrow. Need to see how market reacts. Suddenly will realize it is far from over for telecom as soon as we change the perspective. Now all that can get connected to Internet and need speed can contribute to a new business. Lotmany fusions and conversions will be in offering.

My take is even if this becomes open secrete, nothing is going to change as in current position by virtue of RIL's presence in business verticals, others will find it difficult to compete in mid-term.

If you have doubt about these speculation, just read it as some science fiction and forget it... In rarest case if it really does not happen, I will be saddened but at least I am happy could able to blog some science fiction.. which will be true some time latter..

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