Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UCC- NDNC to the customer friendly policies of NCPRF: Impact on U&R

Let us seekey features of this regulation:

• Communication window : 9AM to 9PM exception : transactional/ contractual communication

• Customer can subscribe to fully block or opt for partial blocking of UCC (unsolicited commercial calls)

• UCC been divided for this purpose into 1. financial 2. real estate 3. education 4. health 5. white / FMCG goods & auto 6. communication/ broadcasting/ entertainment/ IT 7. Tourism & leisure

• Toll free registration process through voice call or SMS on short digit 1909

• Within 7 days shall update to National Customer Preference Registration Facility (NCPRF)

• All SMS will receive with prefix XY-RZZZZZ

• (X: service provider & Y: service area, R: preference & ZZZZZ: Unique identification code allotted to telemarketer)

• All calls will receive with special numbering plan allotted under 140 series

• Hefty penalties for telemarketer upto Rs. 2.5 lac on 6th offence and blacklisting for the next 2 yrs

• Mandatory for every telemarketer to register with TRAI before receiving any telecommunication resources from service provider. And keep transactional communication resource separate from UCC

• Setting up customer complaint registration facility with toll free 1909

• No incoming facility on the resources used for UCC

• Maximum 100 SMS/day from any of the SIM irrespective of packs or services offered

It appears to be the great obstacle for all of us involved into CLM, promotions and U&R activities. But if we look closely it is just what we need for better customer lifecycle management. SMS and OBDs are just not the things to abuse as much as we can because it is dirt cheap. It is simply great thing and we have to just align ourselves to the changed rules and get maximum out of this. There are couple of things which we need to do. If you are interested let us discuss. Looking to get more comments from you all. Sharing the understanding make it robust universal knowledge bank.

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