Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Next Level of U&R Series II – Single View of customer

We had seen in the previous blog (Next Level of U&R Series I – Household), how interesting the view of customer under the umbrella of Household can become.Now Let us understand how Single view can able to turn the world upside down.

There is me who had taken one ordinary prepaid voice connection from the operator. I may be tagged as low ARPU-not so profitable- voice subscriber for the service provider but I am spending on an average Indian rupees 350 for DTH and around my ARPU is 850~900 for wireless data connection from the same operator. In most likely scenario I am registered and regonised as 3 different customers in the system.

(pic1 : Multiservice_teleco_environment:- Product View)

Now, In the light of this new revealation I become worth Rs. 1,200+ ARPU customer if not subscriber. And If I am unhappy, I may end up churning all of the services eventually, given a chance all together..

There could be different business owners and product managers handling different services used by me. And Me as subscriber may have different priority importance to different business unit owners. But for an entire organization my Single View makes much sense.

(pic2 : Multiservice_teleco_environment:- Single View is Customer Centric)

For me as well as for organization it is going to make lot of sense. Especially becoz:-
1. Today's cut-throat competition to provide best value for money
2. Retain the better loyalty of volatile customers and
3. Pressure on optimizing cost as well
This view should able to bring lot of synergy.  Is there ways to achieve these?
Yes, certainly Effective use of CAN, BAN numbers and many more such tactical and strategic ways to achieve this Single view and Household view of the Customers.

First there is need to come to the conclusion and conviction that these things will add value to the over all organizations fututre growth and attach some value to this (tangible, not so tangible values leading to direct and indirect monitory benefits) If you are interested we can discuss it in depth.

Get in touch on email or on my cell. Love to improve collective understanding about the customer behavior as a product marketing professionals.

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