Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Next Level of U&R- Series I - (HOUSEHOLD)

Let us understand how telecom needs to adore HOUSEHOLD concept. Imagine a scenario I am a customer on the network giving reasonable ARPU little less than avg.Individually I may not be giving operator good ARPU to get gold/platinum treatment. But I have 4 connection from the operator as FAMILY HOUSEHOLD.

1. Landline for home,
2. Connection for my wife who shares it with my son
3. Connection for my daughter and
4. Of course I have one connection

(This is hypothetical.. I am not tht old to hv such big family yet :-)
Let me tell you it is very difficult to understand for the operator that 4 services (customers) from the same family being catered. Current scenario is something like below in most of the cases.

Loose Concept of Household

Does telecom operator realize the need? It started.. and even some started acting on it agressively as well. Will there be enough returns vs. efforts required to put these things in place. I guess yes! Study says propensities to keep latched to the services increase if entire family is with same service providers.

With small gratitude and promotion can gain large loyalty from such customers. Fitting individual customer into Household concept can give all together different perspective, segmentation and some additional success into U&R.
Re-Discover Underlying Household Connection
Challenges remain in the way currently customer profile been captured in the system.and will alwasy remain... But there are many practical ways, small campaigns and mechanism  to understand these co- relations, And overcome impossible looking challenges. Need is for lot of determination and conviction..

If interested let us discuss some time. Single person and its understanding is never complete, exchanging thought will improve our understanding on this subject.For contact credential, pls take it from my profile.. And who knows our collective thoughts can lead to new way of life in for VAS and other CLM activites.

In the Next Series will discuss about Single View of Customer. Till then happy reading, thinking..

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