Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kaun Banega Crorepati, VAS and Customer profile

What an Idea sirji!
How many times did you get correct age and gender info thorough CAF?
Was it accurate and mentioned with customer initiative?
 Here is an idea how to profile your customer..
First thing is you need to know your customer. You may have invested bomb in state-of-art analytical tools.. But what if you do not know how to use it effectively in absence of data points.

Here comes such small initiatives well directed and fully backed by management (I guess so..)

SMS – Sending SMS KBC in format below :

KBCAnswer option[Input as A/B/C/D]Gender[Input as M or F] Age
[In 2 digit whole numbers without any space]
Ex: KBC A M 34
Friends, I believe you already got it right! You get reasonably authentic customer initiated KYC through KBC sponsorship. This well mannered money spent recovers in no time!!
It is the first step towards enriching data base of customer profile. Collecting as many data points possible for micro micro segmentation.. That holds the key for future marketing activities in telecom.
No more mass marketing- diminishing returns! There will be only mass marketing of customized communication100s of thousand campaigns running across at given point of time. It caters various base as per the need. It could be for user experience management, revenue churn management, cross selling, VAS promotions, building up relationship, Brand value enhancement and Winning  customer loyalty.
Do let me know what you think?

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