Thursday, November 25, 2010

3G Myths

3G will bring back opportunities to cater high ARPU customers!
But I believe 3G will just open window of opportunities
And within itself 3G or 4G will do nothing beyond that.

The eco-system requires for popularizing the 3G business model-which can manipulate true power of anywhere, anytime high speed Internet (broadband)  Or it will end up as additional window dressings, just a clutter breaker talking point to attract and retain existing base and there will no additional est. income/business  as hugely anticipated.

3G has even more striking need to reach sooner to Bottom of the service user’s Pyramid for:-

1. To bring economy of scale

2. Help to reduce equipment costs

3. Promote accelerated growth in apps/services considering wireless broadband

Till such time who will fund the growth? Let me guess it will not be in few hundred crores of rupees.

It will be much more than this. Because to make it happen economy of scale to be attained by creating faster demand and consumption of services lot of spending/sponsorship is required for creating

a) Opportunities to use (options and innovations, policies)

b) Lot of pull – compelling services (R&D expenses)

c) Education and awareness

d) Complete supporting/conducive infrastructure

3G early Ecosystem Drivers-Contributors

Right business model is the need rather differentiating from existing predominantly voice retail business support model. Challenge is to crack orbit shifting business model to milk 3G opportunities and creating progressive ecosystem, policies to support the next growth driver to sustain pace and the manner telecom juggernaut creating economic revolution.

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