Monday, June 28, 2010

National Broadband Plan

It is good to talk about 3G, 4G and all wireless data transfer technology. But at the end of the day it will run on very limited sources of spectrum. Need of broadband can not be fulfilled through wireless technology ony especially in densely populated country like India.

As mention in my earlier post Death of Fixed Wire-line??  fusion of Fix and wireless will be required upto certain extend.

Mesh of  national backbone of fiber optics cris-crossing India will be need of the hour.
Government can support this initiative but finally it has to be worked out on the commercial model based on principle of economics for long term sustainability

A) National Broadband Consortium of India
1) create consortium for national backbone of fiber optics. And based on investment partners involved will get their share of bandwidth on that in similar way as it happens for submarine cables for international bandwidth like SMW-4, i2i, SMW-2, etc

2) All telcos, infrastructure companies shall be allowed to participate in the consortium having objectives of connecting all district places across India in Phase I and completing connection till Taluka places by the end of phase II

3) May be best solution to do so can be put forward by team of experts selected from all engineering colleges, IITs in India and DOT, TEC department of India to create blue-print
(They coould come up that let us open up all last mile loop of BSNL which will be upgraded to latest fiber optic technology by the consortium)

4) By default ROW permission with single window clearance across India for taking digging and laying cable activities

5) Very interior region and villages then can be catered over wireless back haul

6) Govt should loosely regulate and let consortium to trade the bandwidth based on the economics

7) Easier ISP lic. regim to work for regional last mile local loop providers using service providers billing B) system and infra to cater to the end customer

B) Govt. Incentives
1) Corp tax exemption for invetment in back bone infrastructure

2) Expetion for teleco service provider from contribution to USO fund to that extend of investment in the National Broadband Consortium of India (NBCI)

3) Personal income tax exemption for the individuals on broadband expenses with upper cap

4) Give free hand to NBCI to operate on commercially viable model

5) Make all Indian companies listed in the stockmarket to have web sites at least in 2 regional language one has to be Hindi

6) All goverment offices should have their appropriate email ids to be published as alternative communication channel. Fax and email shall be treated as equally valid. (which is not a case yet)

7) All payments to any of the govt. deprtments shall have online payment option
I guess had been little too creative writing all this. I know you can be more..Pls do give your comments :)

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