Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Self help guide for per second billing: Which Tariff plan to prefer?

And here comes per second billing.... Yes, price war has once again & yet at least 2~3 serious player yet to enter in Indian Market. Is this price war sustainable? I have big 'YES' for it.
1) By nature we are talkative people
2) Still every month we are adding about 1.5 cr (15 mil) new subscribers
3) And some more reasons, I will post in the next blog when time permits.. watch this space
Sustainable Tariff options:
a) per second billing with slightly higher effective per min rates :- for those who are frequent caller for small duration like sales guy always on move and reporting every hr to managers & people like stock brokers, tele-marketers { may be those who pitch for insurance sales as tendency you will put down your phone any time after 2 seconds.... :-) }
b) per min billing for attractive pricing :- for those who are professionals need to be refered less frequently & for short durations like company's CEO, MD calling to Sales head or others, Doctors/ CAs calling their clients
c) charges per call where typically calls are considered for 180 sec or 600 seconds :- real aggressive plans for those chatter boxes at home your daughters, wife/ beloved hubby or for yourself to talk with your girl friend/boy friend
d) And last option Make Your Own Plan :- TATA DOCOMO has started offering this for those elite class who are suppose to be literate enough to know their benefits. Other wise for rest all common man like us above three options are enough to choose from
There is absolutely no need to complicate Tariff plan offerings beyond this.
Though it is my personal openion, Reliance has tried achieving this. How well it gets communicated is yet to see.. Last two months aquisition is at least not in its favour..But there could be various reason to it. But TATA DOCOMO is clear winner, forcing even to Vodafone and Airtel to see the back. (as per TRAI reports)
What about SMSs ?
A) For professional/ Geek chatters :- Pay per Character (Some operator call it Diet SMS.. for whom is it diet really?)
B) For Managers ordering through SMS or habitual detailers : better to opt for aggressive SMS charges per SMS
Any other things:
A) Think of having some kind of onnet top-up if your regular calling group is on the same network
B) If your real export-import quality person fitting into P3 category or having business need, look around for best bargain ILD rates..
I am sure you will get it if commit ILD ARPU of say INR 1,000/- or above

Challenges for operator is how well they can communicate their simple offerings...
And challenges for customer is how well they recognize their cell-phone usage habbit...
Do write back to me for any comments or clarification, happy talking till then...

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