Wednesday, February 27, 2013

U&R-CLM 2.0 - a blue sky thought

U&R activities are becoming more and more plain vanilla push work. Thanks to designed KRA! -I guess :-)  But in integrated world it is unhealthy trend. User is bombarded with so many notifications over all the screens it uses. Limited creativity or accidental creativity is hampering real purpose.

U&R- CLM (brand activation, utilization, monetization, churn etc etc ) shall have short term and real long term action plan – all measured quarterly!  And company shall have strict communication policy inclusive for all screen size. Easy to say but difficult to implement but worth value in millions (dare to say billions?)  There is nothing like losing an opportunity to connect with the customers especially in today’s world of information super flow.

If customer has given you permission to be part of its mind space, its sanctum-sanctorum. Misuse of this permission is criminal offence!! Informing customer is passé and time is for interactive communication! It is no more “telecom- telecom things”. Once you have captured mind space of the customer – sensibly monetize it by many ways. ‘Granted permission by customer to interact, suggest’ is the only real high growth potential asset you have. Worth spending capex to build that asset and opex to maintain, renovate and keep it relevant always.
Competitive market needs radical solution for orbit shifting. Same thing repeated here and there will produce same results with marginal improvement. Creative output shall be the life and not sporadic influx once in a while. Connected world is very helpful in making it happen. It is possible even with limited resources but must have unlimited spirit. And more importantly stop pushing one shoe fits all strategy – top to bottom. After all Idea is nobody’s monopoly anyway...

After thoughts, some idea provoking keywords : "permission", "right communication channel", "interactivity", "value relationship", "Non-telecom benefits", "long term objectives- beyond FY", "monitize relationship", "not to be evil", "size of screen" , "Individual vs house hold", "relevance" and "No service but experience of offered solution" 

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