Friday, August 17, 2012

Interesting Time Ahead-Even Google will Make Search Irrelevant

Last two blogs we had seen how content and communication industry going through sea changes. There will be soon no more VAS as we may know them today. Further there is fight to get Ultimate primary ownership of customers among Social networking sites like Google, FB and telecom vetrans.

Customer is with service provider for 'connectivity' and eventual ‘connect’. Interesting to observe key decision driver here- Freedom of choice for connectivity experience or priority is primary ‘connect’ option. What am I prioritizing my FB/G+ ‘connect’ on any of Vodafone or Airtel OR I prefer Airtel over Vodafone for my ‘connectivity’ experience along with independence to choose ‘connect’. And then there are other sets of customers decide to go with Apple or Google nexus and whoever provides it best (enhanced way to‘connect’- makes spicy topic for another blog some time...)

Here I am trying to put one simplest aspect; but there are lot of stakeholders within complex environment combating for supremacy and coexistence to rest claim on ultimate primary ownership of customer. They are likes of service providers, social networking companies, ad-aggregators, Govt, media houses, content generator, influencers and aggregators, OEMs, OS-software giants, retailers, education and banking industries.
With this pre-text, I will like to draw your attention to few of these trend-setting business activities happening around the world:-
1. Surge in options for wireless communication devices of  different sizes from 2'' to 10''

2. Great evolution in the space of larger devices like ipad, notebooks, and smart TVs

3. Multifold rise in data traffic anticipated by service provider- exploring options to offload data traffic from active wireless network

4. Lot of activities around wireless data- LTE deployments, Hotspot, Wi-Fi, mini BTS, asymetric up-down links, modify data packet structure, cloud services etc etc

5. S/w guys getting into h/w- Surface by MS.. Google integrating firmly with Motorola

6. Followed by Samsung-lead nexus partner- registering its displeasure and also exploring options to develop relationship around MS OS

7. S/w guys asking OEMs to adopt their OS- Google, MS, Nokia- mainly for wireless devices

8. OEMs creates modified OS to ensure all control does not directly transfer to OS provider

9. Players like Apple integrated end to end for providing experience

These differently looking activities are the part of one grand picture getting painted to make lot many business industries redraw their boundaries of influence/function. Yes! Busy time for lot of strategist to do intense environmental scanning, re-work their Porter model and refresh company’s SWOT and create greater blue ocean around in dynamic environment of connected world...  Excitting!!!

So quickly concluding what it meant at large by connecting these dots -

1. Mobility is must and hence at customer end wireless solution welcomed and limited mobility is optimal

2. Soon its just about what screen size satisfy your dominant need – cross working of functionalities among products-as we may know them today like mobile,notebook,tabs,laptop or smart tv,kiosks,e-displays,multiplex etc..

3. Users and companies will start talking about fulfilling end requirement and least about device, content, services or connectivity- fully integrated end solution driven model.

4. One who will own maximum mind share of customer in this connected world will optimize maximum profit share.

5. And primary owner of customer mind share has to create win-win situation to grow bigger otherwise there lies reverse critical mass.

6. Everybody including Google will try to make 'search' irrelevant. Soon 'search' will be expensive proposition. It is like through great deal of customer profiling RT insights, create AAI to know what customer wants before it gets on googling it actully.

7. Breaking advertising clutter will become increasingly difficult and you will require permission to interact with. Winning customer trust is paramount critical. There is scarcity of 2nd chance in connected world for breach of trust.

But this will not be end for any particular organization except one who remains adamant to maintain status-quo. Strategic direction may require paradigm change. Either You -
I) Have ultimate primary ownership of the customer OR
II) Build compelling features/ services/products/rich and very relevant content or simply create unbeatable economy of scale for the particular business aspect-(FAB) and thus support the one who has ultimate primary ownership

Hope I am able to convey my thoughts to you and ready to debate and discuss it further anytime. This is currently my favourite one..
RT = Real Time || AAI = Almost Artificial Intelligence

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