Sunday, September 4, 2011

The next Generation- 3G and Convergence

Hi, Well could not able tp write in last few days due some professional
and personal commitments tied me up a lot.. 

We had debated about need for 3G eco-system couples of month back. As time passing, I am getting strongly convinced that we were quite right then and now as well . In India , everybody bid for 3G spectrum.. Some wisely some less wisely.. but very few were ready with monetizing plan of 3G.

More I interact with teenagers or very young youth professionals, more I tend to believe there is good possibilities of convergence and huge market potential lies there in recent future. Companies should be ready for great flexibilities and negotiation with open mind for sharing revenue among stakeholders.
I want to put my bets for:
  1. Complex multiparty alliances
  2. Service provider will play pivotal role to bring all on one table
  3. but they have to be strategic and open to share more
  4. Operator must be ready with application store
  5. and build capabilities of complex billing engine
  6. Also ensure building blocks for cloud computing infrastructure is in place
  7. Need for more accommodative standards
  8. Importantly, Content, Apps and SaaS are the kings and will remain so.
  9. But making it available with RELEVANCE for the user will be THE KEY.

And here service provider must play pivotal role to remain in competitive in the tomorrow's world of convergence (one of the conversions we had discussed long back). Here comes the need for campaign atomization, and knowledge management of the customer profile like who they are, where they are and what they like...

Happy thinking till then.. Do write back your comments. I will be more than happy to discuss.

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