Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Core: Customer Lost, Revenue Churn, U&R, Employee First

We are hearing too many things and too many experiments to ensure viable profitable telecommunication business in one of the most competitive environment here in India. Few even compare current regulatory fiasco with 2G scam can led this industry to the fate similar to Indian aviation industry... I have no opinion on this and if at all I have one, its biased :-)

Services are key differentiators, lower tariff, Csat, VAS, Data services, Analytics, Micro-segmentations, 3G-4G evolution etc... I agree to all of the above as enablers for profitable growth provided they ensure all their solutions, product and efforts are focused or revolving around or strengthening some of the essential basics.

what we want is 4 simple thing certainly for my customer to stay profitably on my network for longer & longer time  in such uncertain environment:
1) Comfort
2) Convenience
3) Expect, Pay more, Demand more; And
4) Become Referral for my business growth

1) Comfort : Feel at comfortable to my services and interacting with me
2) Convenience : Feel at home, ease, or say Ok kind of thing to use without much fuss
3) Expect, Pay & demand more : For that get used to, raise the bar of its expectation, feel like paying more and demanding more ever
4) Become referral : Be my brand ambassador, personify my services and proliferate among its peer group
I am sure you will agree to this core,  if not let us discuss.

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