Friday, August 8, 2008

TBT-Terrorism Bomb and Technology

I was extremely upset about the events kept on evolving over last one week.
No, I am not referring to high TRP drama happened in Indian parliament.
I am referring to systematic, meticulously planned, strategically timed events. I am not trying to glorify it. It is shameless, hideous act of cowardliness. But unfortunately these terrorist attacks must be brainchild of some smart brain having good support of technocrats… Use of communication methods and level of high secrecy is very surprising. Banglore, Ahemadabad, then Surat and expected cities are many more.. Almost entire India is on High Alert… 15th Aug is just few weeks ahead……

Act of terrorism can not be supported for whatever reason. There can not be any “Cause” or any reason to hate any nation or community or race… Let us not talk all these..

What kind of defense mechanism do we have to avoid these incidents next time from occurring?? Terrorist is using web, mobile, black berry, micro processers(Chips), Wi-Fi, IP address hacking…And list will keep on improving, enriching day-by-day. Has our technology boom-ranged upon us? Is our technology breakthroughs are indeed creating greater and greater comfort for terrorist to go scot-free, do all their shameful activities surreptitiously and keep us on their mercy?? Are we accepting it as our fate??? Nothing we can do about it.. Darkness can not be removed by adding more darkness.

Isn’t it be possible for our telco’s and IT companies to devote voluntarily some of the best resources employed to work with our security agencies on some PPP (Public Private Partnership) model. Aren’t there be smart individual patriots ready to devote their time and brain. If battle fought in the virtual world, let it be. I am sure there can be enough patriot geeks ready to outnumber and outdo what terrorists are doing.

I do not know whether I am overreacting to the situation; but I still feel its necessity of the time, Isn’t it?

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